Nation expanded its capabilities in early 2005 when it introduced sandwiches to its line of products. Today, sandwich production is something that is second nature to Nation. We can top any sandwich, open or closed faced, ranging from 2 ½”-6” in size. We can also incorporate topicals and flavored sprays to differentiate your product from the competition.

Our sandwich styles include but are not limited to:

  • Breakfast
  • Paninis
  • Sub-Style Bun
  • Folded Flatbreads
  • Melts
  • Bruschettas
  • Focaccia
  • Ciabatta
  • Whole Grain
  • Multi-Grain

Our topping capabilities include application of:

  • Sliced Meats
  • Diced IQF Meats
  • Chunky Sauce
  • Specialty Sauce Made In-House
  • Traditional Sauce
  • Dry Cheese Blend
  • Fine Shred Cheese
  • Thick Shred Cheese
  • Herb Blend
  • Fire-Roasted Vegetables
  • IQF Vegetables
  • Sauteed Vegetables

All vegetables and meats can range from diced to strips.

Check out our Packaging Capabilities

Our team of experts can create a whole new flavor profile specifically for your business. Call us today to find out what Nation Pizza and Foods can do for you.

Open-Faced Sandwich Topped with Chicken Pesto

French Toast Panini Topped with Sausage and Egg

Folded Flatbread with Spinach and Sausage

Turkey Bacon Toasted Sub