Supply Chains

We strive to respect and uphold human rights in the communities where we live and work. As such, we do not tolerate prison or forced labor in our operations or our supply chains. We monitor our operations in an effort to prevent the use of labor under any form of indentured servitude, physical punishment or confinement. The employment of any person under 15 years of age is strictly prohibited, unless local employment laws permit a younger person to work in such a facility.

We also require compliance with all other applicable employment and labor laws where our company conducts business, including those that regulate working hours, workers’ rights, and wages and benefits.

Our employees are trained to report violations of the above guidelines, human rights laws or labor laws by our suppliers and business partners.  We investigate allegations of violations of company policy and the law promptly and thoroughly.  Whenever necessary, we will take appropriate action. 
We require our suppliers and business partners to be in compliance with all applicable laws, including the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and have began utilizing certain contractual provisions that specifically highlight such required compliance.  Those suppliers and business partners that are found not to be in compliance will be subject to increasing levels of discipline, up to and including termination of their relationship with us.   
As appropriate, we will monitor our own operations and those of our suppliers and business partners in order to assess compliance with the principles set forth above, and to strive for continuous improvement of the working conditions of our employees and those of our suppliers and business partners.