Food Safety

Food Safety is a top priority within our organization. HACCP, Allergen and Sanitation are the foundation to our Food Safety program. Monitoring of these programs are implemented into daily production, followed by numerous verifications and validations.

Examples include:

  • Visual Verification
  • Equipment Swabs
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Metal Detection
  • Product Temperatures
  • Intensified Equipment Tear-Down
  • Inspection

Cooking validations completed during the development process ensure the preparation instructions adhere to food safety guidelines.

Our Sensory Kitchen is used for integral parts of our Quality and Food Safety system:

  • Daily Product Evaluations
  • Sensory Testing
  • Cooking Validations
  • Product Review
  • Shelf-Life Testing

Sensory evaluations and product review assess adherence to specification and assist in minimizing product variability; reducing customer complaints and help ensure that customers receive the highest quality product.

Various storage conditions, cooking methods and trained panelists are used to complete the various evaluations. Elements such as appearance, flavor, aroma, texture, size, thickness and stability are analyzed during sensory testing.

All these methods taken by our Quality Assurance department allows Nation to constantly produce and provide top quality products day in and day out.

Quality Assurance Pulls Products Off The Line And Checks The Look And Weight To See If Every Product Is Consistent

Sensory Evaluations Are Performed Everyday